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Carlo Scarpa

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Authors:Robert McCarter
Pub Date:2021-03-18

カルロ・スカルパの作品は、現代建築の常識を覆し、今もなお挑戦し続けています。 彼の作品についてはいくつかの本が出版されていますが、現代建築の主要人物の紹介で有名なロバート・マッカーターによるこのモノグラフの幅広さと深さは、難しい専門用語を使わず、すべてが経験に基づいた慎重な調査に基づいています。 本書は、カノヴァ美術館、カステルベッキオ美術館、ブリオン墓地などでの仕事をはじめとする、スカパの数々の功績を紹介する決定版です。

The acclaimed survey of the life and works of the celebrated Italian modernist master, available again in a classic format

The work of Carlo Scarpa challenged, and continues to challenge, accepted notions of modern architecture. While several books have been published on his work, none has approached the breadth and depth of this monograph by Robert McCarter, who is celebrated for his meticulously researched, experientially based, and jargon-free accounts of key figures in modern architecture. This book is the definitive study of Scarpa's many accomplishments, including such works at the Canova Museum, the Castelvecchio Museum, and the Brion Cemetery, among others.

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