Pre-Fab Living

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本書は、世界で最も革新的で成功しているプレハブ住宅の事例を紹介し、独創的で最新の方法で家を建てたいと考える人々に、その可能性を探り、扉を開くものです。 各章では、建築家やデザイナーが今日の生活や世界が直面している課題に対処するためにプレハブを使用している様々なエキサイティングな方法を探ります。 参考文献には、最新の製造方法やトレンド、技術を紹介したエッセイが掲載されており、様々なニーズや好み、要望に応えるための幅広い可能性を提示しています。

This survey of the world’s most innovative and successful examples of pre-

fabricated homes explores the full range of possibilities, open to anyone seeking to find clever and up-to-date solutions for building their own home. From net-zero houses to plug-and-

play dwellings and converted shipping containers, each chapter explores the varied and exciting ways that architects and designers are using pre-fabricated technology to address today’s living and world challenges. A reference section includes in-

depth essays, which explore the latest manufacturing methods, trends and technologies, presenting a wide range of possibilities to suit every need, taste and desire.

Richly illustrated with photography and drawings, with projects selected by a long-time expert in pre-

fab architecture, this fresh take on new solutions presents the factory-made house in a new light. Whether designing on a tight budget, crafting something self-sustaining or simply looking for new spatial ideas, this is an essential and future source of inspiration for architects, designers and home-builders.

Publisher:Thames & Hudson

Authors:Avi Friedman
Pub Date:2021-02-04

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¥6,600 tax included