Modernist Escapes: An Architectural Travel Guide

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Authors作者:Stefi Orazi
Pub Date:2021-03-04

アルヴァ・アアルトやチャーリー・ゼンダーなどの著名な建築家が設計した注目の建築物を紹介する、モダニズムファンにはたまらない一冊です。 バウハウスからブルタリズムまで、モダニズムの理念を網羅した世界の130以上のユニークな建築物を紹介しています。 作家でありデザイナーでもあるStefi Orazi氏が選んだ建物は、一般公開されており、中には宿泊が可能なものもあります。

This sleek and insightful guide showcases modernist buildings from all over the world that are open to visit or even stay at.

Modernist fans will want to dive right into the pages of this guide to remarkable buildings designed by famous architects from Alvar Aalto to Charlie Zehnder. Featuring over 130 unique structures that span the globe, this book covers the full spectrum of modernist principles from Bauhaus to Brutalism. Author and designer Stefi Orazi choses buildings that are open to the public, with some even available for overnight stays.

Full-colour photography of the exterior and interiors highlight incredible details such as the bright red drum fireplace in Giancarlo de Carlo’s Ca’ Romanino, Urbino, Italy, or the constructivist-

like staircase in Renaat Braem’s house and studio in Antwerp, Belgium. Each building is accompanied by informative text offering visitor information and insights into its history. Whether you're looking for a unique holiday experience or a global overview of Modernist architecture, Modernist Escapes stylishly documents these unforgettable spaces.

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¥7,700 tax included